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Girl by the Sea

Mental-Emotional Survey

Discover clear causes of mental-emotional distress.  The answers are generally used to formulate a homeopathic combination and used in a therapy program.

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Mastery of Japa Meditation:

Mantra Recitation

JAPA MEDITATION is the recitation and repetition of mantras.


Mantras are POWER WORDS and/or POWER PHRASES that focus you in meditation and empower you in your everyday life.

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Reto de 12 Días del

Mantra de la Paz

El MANTRA DE PAZ es un mantra básico y fácil y se practica (se carga) en un proceso llamado CARGA BÁSICA 9X12, que se refiere a recitar 9 malas por día durante, 12 días seguidos.

Girl by the Sea

Encuesta Mental-Emocional

Descubre claras causas de perturbacion mental-emocional.  Las respuestas generalmente se utilizan para formular una combinacion homeopatica y en un programa de terapia.

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Maestria de la Meditacion Japa: Recitar Mantras

MEDITACIÓN JAPA es la recitación y repetición de mantras.


Los mantras son PALABRAS DE PODER y/o FRASES DE PODER que te enfocan en la meditación y empoderan en tu vida diaria.

Doctor and Patient

Adventist Family Clinic

A nonprofit and charity corporation, provides services at no cost to individuals and families requiring medical care.  Must qualify for no-cost medical care.

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Peace Mantra 12-Day


The PEACE MANTRA is a basic and easy mantra and is practiced (charged) in a process called the 9X12 BASIC CHARGE, referring to doing 9 malas per day for 12 days in a row.


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