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Adventist Famiy Clinic

3379 Wedgewood Dr., Suite A, El Paso, TX 79925.           915-790-1038

A nonprofit and charity corporation, it provides services at absolutely no cost to individuals and families requiring medical care along with instructing, educating and counseling.

Free Services:

Acute care (sore throat, allergies, bronchitis, diarrhea, asthma, pain, etc.)

Chronic care (diabetes, blood pressure, gastritis, cholesterol, etc.)

Women's health (pap smear, gynecological exams, breast exam)

Minor surgeries (warts, cysts, abscesses, biopsies, etc.)

Injections (anti-inflammatory, joints, vomiting, antibiotics, pain, etc.)

Laboratory (eye exam for glasses)

Durable medical equipment (crutches, walking canes, wheel chairs)

Other services including monthly food baskets.


One form of identification and proof of income required to qualify for services.


Services cannot be provided to individuals with Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, or proper financial means.


Is not affiliated with Adventist Family Clinic in any way.

HolistiCare is simply making you aware of a non-profit medical clinic in El Paso, TX.

HolistiCare has not verified any information regarding Adventist Family Clinic.

HolistiCare is not responsible for your interaction with Adventist Family Clinic.

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