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Joint Pain

BFA - Battlefield Auricular

Originally developed for soldiers needing quick and effective pain relief while in combat/battle.  This alternative pain management modality is now available for everybody suffering from high chronic or high acute pain of different types.

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Auricular Therapy

Otherwise known as Auriculotherapy is based on a microsystem of points on the auricle (outer ear) discovered by ancient Chinese and advanced by french Dr. Paul Nogier in the last century.

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5-Point Pain Protocol

This technique requires the stimulation of 5 specific points in a specific sequence bilaterally on both ears until improvement in lower pain intensity is achieved.

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Tiny ASP needles

Are inserted on each point.  These asp needles stay on the ear and fall off on their own within 2-4 days.  For those afraid of needles, tiny metal pellets or tiny round seeds can be taped to the ear for point stimulation.

Does it hurt?

Only minimal pain is experienced when inserting the tiny gold-plated needles.  For those afraid of needles, tiny metal pellets or tiny round seeds can be taped on the ear for point stimulation.

How many points have to be stimulated?

Up to a total of 10 points are stimulated; 5 points on each ear.

How long does it take to see results?

Anywhere from several minutes or hours.  In some cases it may take 2-3 sessions to see results.

Will everybody experience pain relief? / How effective is this technique?

It has been noted that approximately 80% (8 out of 10) of individuals respond positively to this technique.

What kind of improvement is achievable?

Anywhere from 2 points in a 10-point pain scale up to total and complete pain relief.

Who shouldn't receive this technique?

Pregnant women

Persons who bleed easily or are hard to stop bleeding

Persons with needle phobia

Persons allergic to metal

Are there secondary effects?

Improved sense of wellness in psychological and physical aspects are often observed.

Are the benefits permanent?

The effect lasts several days and then it wears off.  Your physiological condition from which your pain originates does not disappear but makes it more comfortable for your body to continue the healing process and/or makes it more feasible for you to return to physical therapy if needed.  In some cases the effect has lasted for weeks and in rare cases permanent improvement may be achieved.  You will have to discover how this technique works for you individually.

What's more effective, asp needles, pellets or seeds?

Asp needles appear to have better and quicker effect, while pellets and seeds take longer to see results.

How long is the visit/session?

Approximately 30 Minutes.  However, a 1 hour session is set aside for you just in case your session runs longer than 30 min.  Appointments are set on the Hour and NOT on the half our.  Example: 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, etc.

Is it covered by Insurance?

No.  It is a service paid out-of-pocket by the client.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $60 USD per visit/session.

$62 with a credit or debit card.

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